Dustin Walden—Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)®

Dustin Walden is the owner and inspector of Walden Home Inspections. It can be tough to stay positive when going through the motions of a real estate investment, but the good news is that improving your knowledge through a home inspection will make for the best possible outcome.

While Dustin is highly skilled at finding out what homes currently provide, he also knows what they’ll need—and he’s eager to share these insights with you so that you’re able to negotiate terms that will steer you well away from ever having to experience buyer’s remorse.

InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector

The Home Inspector Who Keeps It Honest

Before he took the plunge into the world of professional home inspection, Dustin worked for several years as a plumber. Dustin’s genuine love for all of the ins and outs of home construction led him to seeking certification as a home inspector, and he couldn’t be more pleased with his decision.

Buying a home is unfathomably stressful, especially for those who haven’t been through it before—and Dustin takes this to heart, devoting himself to his work completely to help make the process easier and more likely to lead to success. You can count on Dustin to provide a home inspection service that is friendly and honest, giving you reassurance while also giving you the facts you need to make an informed decision.

In his spare time, Dustin spends his days enjoying life with his family and educating himself further in the profession that he loves.

Walden Home Inspections offers a detail-oriented home inspection that puts a dream home within reach, diagnosing potential defects in the property’s condition so that the buyer can work toward the home purchase they want and will ultimately love. Contact us today to request an inspection.

Home Inspector Dustin Walden's goal is happy customers

Extra Attention Given to Every Customer

  • Making time is tough for all of us, and if you’re unable to schedule an inspection during normal hours, that’s okay—we’ll be more than happy to put you down for a weekend or evening appointment!
  • Our focus is solely on your needs and your goals, and we dedicate ourselves to turning over an inspection report that brings you the knowledge that will take you to where you want to go.
  • We take the time to answer your questions as they come, whether that’s shortly after receiving your inspection report, or many months later—we can always be reached by phone whenever you need us.
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